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As a 2014 University of Notre Dame graduate, receiving a Bachelor's degree in Accountancy, Rayven traveled to Texas and solidified his expertise as a licensed CPA there. Since doing so, he has flourished as a senior financial reporting analyst for an oil & gas logistics company. Rayven also serves as the CFO for Houston's premier black investment network, BWS Capital.

Rayven's Story

Rayven was born and raised in New Orleans, LA on the West Bank in Algiers. Due to Hurricane Katrina, Rayven's family was displaced and moved to Houston, TX. Graduating from Pasadena Memorial High School in 2010, Rayven's first pursuit was an accounting degree from Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame. During his junior year he spent six months living in Fremantle, Australia as part of a study abroad program focusing on International Business, specifically business in the Asia-Pacific Region.

Following the completion of undergrad in spring of 2014, Rayven started his career with Deloitte in their Houston audit practice. After graduation, Rayven immediately began studying for the CPA exam and completed all parts within one year, earning his CPA designation shortly thereafter. 


After establishing himself as a respected audit associate Rayven left Deloitte in the summer of 2016 for a financial reporting role with the world's largest non-bank ATM company. Rayven currently has a full-time financial reporting role with an energy related logistics company in Houston, Texas. Rayven's passion in life is to help friends & family learn how to save & invest money with confidence.


Rayven's Side Hustles

Rayven's Goals

  • Forbes List

  • Help people understand the benefits of cryptocurrency

  • Obtain a deep understanding of the principles and economics behind cryptocurrency

  • Teach a cryptocurrency course at Notre Dame

  • Own a ranch in Texas with exotic animals 

Rayven's Hobbies

Rayven’s interests include economics, technology, personal finance, cryptocurrency, and politics.


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